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Image: actual booth exhibits may vary

Sharp Exhibits at IFA 2019,
a world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances
under the theme Discover “True 8K + 5G” and “AIoT for Smart Life”

Access to IFA

  • Taxi: 15 – 20 minutes from Tegel Airport, Fare: Approx. 20 Euros
  • Free Shuttle Bus (IFA Airport Tegel Shuttle): Operates between IFA venue and airport
  • Subway (U-Bahn): U2 Kaiserdamm Station / Closest station to North Entrance, East Entrance and ICC Entrance
  • Train (S-Bahn): S5 Messe Sud Station / Closest station to South Entrance, Hall 7 Entrance and Hall 1 / 2 Entrance
  • S 41, S 42, S 46 Messe Nord/IC Station / Closest station to North Entrance, East Entrance and ICC Entrance
  • Taxi: Approx. 15 Euros from Zoo Station, approx. 20 Euros from Brandenburg Gate (Differs depending upon traffic)

Exhibition Ground (Click to enlarge)(Tap to enlarge)

  • IFA2018