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In broadcast and video sector 8K technology deliver closer to reality image on screen and offering clear view from range of camera angles that can be chosen. With 360 degree sound, both visual and audio gives all the excitement like part of the on-screen action.

Japan’s broadcaster, NHK is the first to implement 8K broadcasting in December, 2018.


8K technology has significantly contribute to healthcare and medical industry. 8K can help doctors to make correct diagnose and safety in surgical procedure.

8K technology enable to capture fine surface textures during surgical procedure and even patients can have remote medical care from the specialist anywhere by receiving accurate image diagnoses.

Full-screen viewing of precision surgery

Remote diagnosis by a specialist doctor

World’s first 8K ultra-high-definition rigid endoscope system

Combining Sharp 8K LCD and Kairos Co., Ltd.'s endoscope system represents the world's first clinical application to feature 8K from input to output. It brings great benefit also in areas such as microsurgery and opening possibilities for intraoperative pathological diagnosis.

The 8K ultra-high-definition rigid endoscope system also enables more operations to be performed in a given timeframe, as well as facilitating minimally invasive surgeries that reduce the strain on patients.


8K security camera together with facial recognition systems, able to capture clearly and improve facial recognition in the security field. With ultra-high resolution and definition enable monitoring large area with only small number of camera by providing crystal-clear footage for use in crime prevention, incident response and to analyzing motion of shoppers in retail facilities.

Vastly improved facial recognition through 8K

Crowd analysis

Facial recognition

Motion analysis

Diverse camera lineup to suit any situation

Commercial security cameras

Sharp’s high-resolution lineup encompasses 2-12 megapixel cameras with smart analytics functionality.

Capture every detail

From darkness to backlighting, leading-edge digital compensation overcomes difficult surveillance conditions, even shooting color footage in low-light environments.

Smart analytics around the clock

From timely alerts for intruders and missing/suspicious objects, to high-fidelity recording even the quietest sounds Sharp’s security ecosystem captures every detail in both video and audio.
*Currently available only in Japan


When it comes to inspection and maintenance, 8K technology able to improve visual inspection and quality control process that were previously impossible to achieve. It also can help to maintain any aging infrastructure like roads, bridges and tunnels. 8K footage can be analyzed from distance and identify the potential issue even when the inspection location is difficult to reach.

Quality control systems

Maintenance of tunnels, pipes, and sewers

Education and Academia

Museums are another sector where 8K technology is currently in the spotlight. 8K gives insights into elements too subtle to be picked up by the naked eye in a gallery environment. With this information, academicians and students can lead to new discoveries. 8K technologies also enable remote viewing for classrooms and courses that can bring new perspective in learning process.

8K Interactive Museum

8K enhance the experience of visiting museums and art galleries

Overwhelming authenticity

With 33.18 megapixels, it delivers astonishing authentic images

Feel like part of the picture

Ultra-high resolution more than 16K for finest details.

Touch UX

Scrolling, zooming and fully controllable 360-degree of 3D object and visuals on screen.