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Sharp Taiwan Announced the Acquisition of Local Beauty Chain Grand MIRADA

On July 1,Sharp (Taiwan) Electronics Corporation (STE) announced the acquisition of Mirada, a local beauty chain channel brand.

MIRADA has been operating in Taiwan for the past 35 years, with 145 employees.

This acquisition is not only important for STE to mark a key step into beauty business, but also with the growing demands for online retails, STE will transform MIRADA into an online exclusive channel, handling beauty, beauty and lifestyle products? including trending Japanese cosmetics to the already existing and growing members of MIRADA.

The Taiwan COCORO Life platform will be utilized for the online development of MIRADA, targeting mid of July.??MIRADA will develop into a?shopping platform for fashion and lifestyle goods, setting a differentiated product selection strategy to maintain its competitive edge and develop new markets.

The brand new “MIRADA Flagship Store” is expected to be launched in October this year.


Image of current MIRADA website


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